The Components

A game of deception and skill

Play together with your friend and trick all of them, ultimately destroying your friendship and any trust that existed between you!

Hide your true identity!

In Crooked Kingdom, you are one out of six different characters trying to get ahead in a kingdom where everybody lies. But in order to advance and beat your friends you must use trickery and deceit to convince them that you are something else so that you can gain all the riches and win the game!

Judge your friends!

You can not let everyone get away with lying right to your face. During the game, you will have a chance to judge the other players when you become the Judge. You will have the power to challenge their claims and reap the sweet, sweet reward as they curl up in shame and the other players marvel at your ability to spot the lies (unless, of course, you are wrong and have to pay the penalty).

Be the boldest!

The first person to get enough points will win the game, it's up to you how to play. Will you be honest and take it slow and let the others be caught by the Judge or will you keep up the poker face while you lie through your teeth? Do you have what it takes to spot the liars of the group or will you be stuck paying coin after coin when you challenge someone who told the truth?

A joker in the mix

Wouldn't it be a bit too easy without some wild cards in the mix? Besides the other standard roles, there is one joker role card. If you get that you have no other option than to lie to the other players, but the reward is so much better. If you successfully lie while holding a joker card, you get one step closer to victory. All it takes are calm nerves and a fake smile and you could get away with the lie.